• Ryan McRostie

Vegan Asks Boss: "Can I Be Paid In Lettuce"?

Vegans like to be fed lettuce at their desks.

A vegan has won the right in the Court Of Arbitration for his boss to remunerate him in vegetables. "I don't want to be part of the evil monetary system", said Jasper Ericson of Islington, "I need to be paid in lettuce so my conscience can be clear and I've emplored everyone with a soul to do the same".

Apart from the apparent difficulties in using lettuce as a method of exchange, some are concerned that employers might take advantage of the new opportunity and use cheap hydroponic lettuce grown at home. "

If they want to be paid in what is virtually water then that's there business", said one employer, "I just drop into Aldi on the way to the office and pick up a few heads and bring them in".

Vegans across England and Wales are being asked to declare to HMRC if they are paid in vegetables.

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