• Ryan McRostie

Tortoise That Saved Species Displayed Traits Of Toxic Masculinity.

Diego is known by locals as the Tortoise Casanova

A “hero” tortoise that saved his species has been accused of doing so with toxic male traits. Diego, dubbed the saviour of the tortoises of the Galapagos is believed to have fathered more than 800 offspring.

The darling of the media, female tortoises on the Island have a completely different opinion when it comes to the reptilian Romeo. “He just had his fun then disappeared off the face off the Earth”, said one of his partners. Although tortoises predate monogomomy by around 500 million years, feminist tortoises among them are believed to have started a movement to boycott Diego and have started the hashag #DontDoDiego.

Diego refused to elaborate on the accusations but was spotted with some young turtles at a local hotspot.

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