• Ryan McRostie

Street Praying Neighbour Puts Top Back On.

The man takes his top off whenever the temperature rises above twenty degrees.

With the weather in the UK warming up one street full of residence on lockdown is hoping one of its residents keeps his top on. "I don't know who he thinks he is", said Jaylene Blechly, "I bet there are bears with less body hair"!

Many have shouted passive-aggressive hints to the man, such as, "hey DiCaprio", and "lovely six-pack", but to no avail. "

The problem is he's also friendly", said another woman, "but for Christ's sake, if I did that I'd be arrested". "

This is where what some believe the double standard lies", Doctor Judith Westland told Hotwire, "what we have here is a case where this obese man is allowed to bear his hairy body, but if I get my birthday presents out I can be reported to the police".

Residents say they have spoken with the local council and are awaiting a response.

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