• Ryan McRostie

Self Isolating Oligarch On Superyacht Says “It’s Been Horendous”!

An Oligarch spending time in the Mediterranean with two female "friends" has told Hotwire "it's been horrendous"! The three have been at sea for around two weeks with their staff of twenty-one. "I'm not sure I can go on much longer", said the Russian, "I normally change my supermodels every week or two to keep things fresh".

Oligarchs have fled to sea in droves, leaving Londons Knightsbridge like a ghost town. In charge of the ship is Captain Gary Sheen. We asked him how things have been going on the ship. "Well, normally we cater for the owner's orgies maybe one or two times a year", said the captain, "To have him here with just two girls and is kind of strange. He's behaving like some kind of Priest or something"!

The ship is expected to dock in Monaco to fill up with lobster in a couple of weeks.

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