• Ryan McRostie

Rise In Families Joining Online Cults.

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

With the lockdown in full effect, families are keen to find activities that they can do together at home. "We got really tired of board games", said Sonya Sawyer from Maine, "that's when a friend of ours suggested we take a look at joining a cult". Cults became popular in western countries during the sixties, but the rise of the internet and social media has meant that more people have access to these different faiths than ever before. "We don't completely discourage it", said Tom Waterstone from the Augusto Police, "but we do recommend people stay away from the one where you have to sacrifice people, particularly children"! If you're thinking of joining a cult, it's recommended that you use CultChecker.com to see how the sect you're interested in stacks up against other mainstream religions.

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