• Ryan McRostie

Recipient Of Leg Transplant Says "New Foot Is Too Hairy"!

People receiving limb transplants are being warned some limbs come with hair and tattoos.

A recipient of a leg transplant has complained to doctors who carried out the procedure regarding the hairiness of the new limb. "I wanted to walk again, but not like this", said Ben Knight, "this thing looks like it came off a bear"!

Many people that receive limbs donated from other people often feel dissatisfied when they aren't to the specifications they had ordered. One man was said to be furious after receiving the leg of a bodybuilder which meant constant trips to the gym or let the limb turn to fat. "All I wanted to be a leg to walk on and now I'm adorned with this thing! It's a joke"!

People booked in for limb transplants are being reminded that the donated arms and legs may not be as sexy as the recipient, and should think carefully before undergoing the procedure.

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