• Ryan McRostie

Prince Charles Unveils New Range Of Homeopathic Ambulances.

Prince Charles has donated a range of homeopathic ambulances in order for devout followers of the practice to be treated on their way to real hospitals. “Once they get in the hospitals it’s out of my hands”, said the Prince, “but on the jouney there, we’ll make sure they’ve got water with the memory of when it was once medicine”. A group of around twenty homeopaths have agreed to take part in the Princes scheme. “We’ve set up a helpline. When one of our operators receives a call we arrange a pick up of the sucker/patient”. When asked why aren’t the sick people taken to homeopathic hospitals, The Prince of Wales answered, “we don’t have one of those yet, but we are thinking of opening a couple of rooms at Buckingham Palace since Mummy isn’t staying there at the moment”.

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