• Ryan McRostie

People Being Told Not To Adopt Kids For Something To Do During The Pandemic.

People are being reminded that adopting children is for the long term, and not just a short term fix for boredom during the pandemic. With many people cooped up indoors for the time being, boredom is becoming a huge problem for many. Some have been going to extreme lengths to break this boredom, including adopting children. "I've adopted three kids so far, and they've really broken up the monotony of staying indoors", said Jamie Sunderland of Walthamstow, "the ginger one is quite good on the Xbox"! Jenny Leyton of Jennys Adoptions told us, "business has been great and if we see this pandemic continue, we could run out of kids"! She added, "a lot of people have the misconception that children had a 30-day money-back guarantee on them. They're in for a surprise when they try and return them"!

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