• Ryan McRostie

Passive Aggressive Tiger Spread Rumours About Other Big Cats.


Tigers in captivity often spread gossip about other cats.

n Ontario State Zoo something is up in the big cat community. Zookeepers started reporting that many of the zoos larger felines were depressed and not eating their food despite the freshness and quality assurance from the providers.

“We knew something was up”, said zookeeper Zoe Black, “that’s when we consulted a cat whisperer”. The cat whisperer they end up choosing was big cat specialist Fredo Philmardo. “I spent my whole life talking to the animals”, said Fredo, “but big cats I like the most, they are what get me up in the morning”!

He added “the reason these cats weren’t taking their food is that the tigress was spreading gossip behind their backs saying they were starting to look overweight, and like no wonder, they couldn’t get a man! This is what led me to discover the fat-shaming”! T

he Tiger has since been moved to another zoo and will no longer be allowed to take part in a breeding program.

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