• Ryan McRostie

Oil Rigs To Be Turned Into AirBnBs.

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Oil rigs are considered a great place for self-isolation.

With the price in oil plummeting into unseen territory, many oil companies are looking to monetise existing assets anyway possible. “We’re not done yet”, said one oil executive, “a lot of these rigs can easily be turned into AirBnBs or some other kind of business. We’ve started growing cannabis on one since we’re in international waters”.

The North Sea has some of the most isolated oil rigs on the planet, and many question the plan saying that they’re not a practical place to run bed and breakfast.

“We disagree with the pessimists”, said Jenny Slick of Valdez Assets, “we expect when the sea levels rise in a few years, so canoeing out to your local rig for the weekend will be the norm”.

Oil companies are said to be looking to all options with one listed company considering turning on rig into a community centre for pirates.

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