• Ryan McRostie

New Coronavirus Symptom "Loss Of Taste" To Include People Who Wear Double Denim.

Wearing double denim is a common symptom of those suffering from COVID-19.

It seems there’s no end in sight for the people who have been affected by the coronavirus with the list of symptoms also growing to include loss of taste.

Many people presenting to emergency rooms have been wearing poorly thought out attire. “We’re seeing people come in wearing all sorts”, said one nurse, “mainly it’s been double denim or matching tracksuit tops and bottoms”.

Margaret Pink from UK Vogue told Hotwire, “It’s terrible what the virus is doing out there in the community. On a short drive this morning I saw two people wearing those sheepskin Ugg boots on the street in the middle of the day! Just Ghastly”!

People are being advised that if they see a stark change for the worse in the clothing style of loved ones, to get them tested straight away.

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