• Ryan McRostie

Mum Starting Up To Eight Online Campaigns Per Hour.

Many Mums love the fact that they can help so many people from their laptops.

A self-isolating Mum has taken to starting up to eight online GoFundMe or petition pages every waking hour. "I've always liked helping people", said the Jane Simpson, "Now I can do it while sitting on my arse and eating cake"!

Online petitions and GoFundMe pages are all the rage throughout England and Wales with many people spending so much time creating them; they barely have time to sign other peoples petitions.

"I can't wait to create a petition", said one Mum we spoke to, "it's the first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing I do before bed. My kids need me, but so does the world"!

Spikes in petitions and crowdsourcing are expected to continue to grow as more Mums come online during the pandemic.

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