• Ryan McRostie

Monastery Release Ancient Missing Sections Of The Hockey Pockey.

Monks have long regarded the later sections of the Hockey Pockey as sacred.

A Monastery in southern France has today released ancient and previously unknown pieces of one of the worlds oldest dancing rituals. The hockey-pocky.

For centuries, the Monks in a secluded temple have chosen not to publish the last and penultimate sections. "We know the world is in a troubling place at this time", said one monk, "so we wanted to bring some happiness buy releasing these final and long sought after parts".

The monastery has been burgled many times over the centuries, with some monks also being kidnapped and ransomed in pursuit of the moves. "

We're so happy the monks have done this", said Jenny Redman of Oaks Little Peoples Kindergarten, "it will mean so much to the kids and will stop the children having to improvise by putting any old crazy thing in and shaking it all about"!

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