• Ryan McRostie

Middle-Aged Couple Use Exercise Hour For A Spot Of Dogging.

Barbara and Sam Jones favourite outdoor exercise is fisting. spoof satire news

With the lockdown putting a great deal of pressure on many couples, some have taken to using their daily exercise break for activities that are a little more exciting. “We just got tired of sitting around the house”, said Barbara Jones, “so I suggested we head out for some sex in the park”! Local forests around London have been packed with lovers looking for a spot to copulate. “It’s been quite busy”, said one warden, “even the peeping Toms are happy”! Authorities have sworn to clamp down on the practice. Mark Masterson, a local councillor told us, “Dogging is not on the Governments list of approved outdoor activities for the pandemic. If they really must do it outside then, that’s what back yards and gardens are for”!

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