• Ryan McRostie

Man Starts GoFundMe Page To Help With Cost Of Hayfever.

Mark feels ashamed about having hay fever.

A local man suffering hay fever has asked people to make donations to his GoFundMe page to help him cover the costs of treatment. "It impacts me every year, and the price of tissues has trebled", said Mark Simpson of Hayfever UK.

Tissue companies have long been accused of ramping up the price of their products during times of peak pollen. Kimberly Clarke, one of the worlds largest tissue manufacturers, was convicted last year of planting pollen-producing trees around cities and urban areas.

"All I'm asking is that people donate a fiver to help cover the costs during this difficult time, I've been taking these sprays lately, and now I think I'm addicted". People wishing to help Mark can visit his social media or GoFundMe page.

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