• Ryan McRostie

Man Plans To Make Extra Cash By Turning Back Yard Into Cemetery.

When the firm Jim was working for cut back his hours due to corona virus, he knew he had to try to find a way to make some money to cover his mortgage. “I needed cash”, said Jim, “and then my neighbour died”. Jim offered the family a grave at a rate much cheaper than a regular cemetery. “He really helped us out, and now if we ever want to lay some flowers we just chuck them over the fence”, said Sandy Summers. Greg Bates from TunzaMoney magazine told us, “People are looking for quick ways to make money, and burying dead bodies in your back yard can offer homeowners a way to get that extension, go on holiday, or pay off that blackmailer. I used the money I made from the graveyard to buy a large barbecue, and now I’m doing four or five cremations a day”!

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