• Ryan McRostie

Jeffrey Epstein's Cause Of Death Changed To COVID-19.

Jeffrey Epstein's lifestyle made him vulnerable to coronavirus.

Jeffrey Epstein's official cause of death has been changed by the coroner to "complications stemming from COVID-19". This comes after many rejected the original version that he "beat and hung himself to death".

"We're sure now that the paedophile philanthropist actually was one of the first victims of the current pandemic", said Jill Walter the coroner investigating the case. She continued saying, "this is not out of the ordinary for these billionaires in jail as their immune systems are usually weaker from their constant use of helicopters and private islands"!

When asking how it was possible someone in jail died from the virus months before even the first case was recorded in China Bill Locker, the warden at the prison told HotWire, "Most of this prison was made in China, so we think it came on one of the blow-up dolls we give the inmates. It's a tragedy. I heard he was a great guy"!

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