• Ryan McRostie

Isolated Elderly Being Taught How To Troll People On Twitter.

They're the people that fought wars in the past to keep this Country free. They've played they're part in building this great and prosperous Nation. Now in their golden years, they're being taught how to troll celebrities on Twitter. The global pandemic has left many older people isolated in aged care facilities. That's when Jenny Preston came up with the idea of Troll For The Old.

Trolling traditionally been the pastime of young male incels is now a hobby for the old. "I love trolling rich piss-taking scum", said Judith 103, "in my day we had to send hate mail, and it took forever! Nowadays, I can piss people off straight away". Troll For The Old is a not for profit organisation the gets most of its funding by tricking their way into old people's wills.

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