• Ryan McRostie

Intermitent Fasting Turns Man Into Intermittent Areshole.

Many trying intermittent fasting say that "sometimes they are pricks"!

A man trying to lose weight durning the lockdown by fasting has discovered he is also quite the prick when he is on the diet. “I wanted to get trim during this time at home and I thought I’d give fasting a go”, said Jacob Bishop, “but then I started throwing things at the kids”.

Intermitent fasting is a technique where food is normally eaten during a short time period rather that throughout the whole day. “I started to get really big cravings, chips and crap like that and then people started to really annoy me”, said Jacob, “I pointed a gun at a neighbor because he was parking too close to my property! If he does it again I’ll shoot him”!

Intermittent fasting has proven very popular with some but some are concerned about the consequences for society as a whole. "We could end up with a lot of skinny pricks", said one commentator.

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