• Ryan McRostie

Inmates Sent Home From Death Row After Fears Of COVID-19

Inmates of a New Mexico prison have been set free due to worries of coronavirus. State Officials told Hotwire, “we can’t have these ruthless rapists and killers dying in the prison cells! That’s what we have electric chairs for”!

Prisoners have been told they must stay at their Mum’s house until the end of the pandemic. Hector “Wild Man” Gonzalez, convicted of more than a dozen murders said, “It’s going to be great to get out of prison for a while, it’s so rapey in there you wouldn’t believe”!

Many are concerned at the new policy with some worried the convicts might not return to death row. “I think they’ll go back to jail when it’s over”, said one elderly resident, “I’ve attempted suicide ten times, and on death row, they do it for free”!

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