• Ryan McRostie

Hipsters Wander Streets Looking For Coffee Shops.

London's hipster community has never seen anything like it. A total shutdown of coffee shops and overpriced bars has left many feeling lost, isolated and with no hope for the future. "I don't know what to do with myself", said Marcus Graham, "my whole identity is based on being part of a group, and now there is no group"! Hipsters are thought to be one section of the group most at risk from COVID-19 because of their beards and proclivity to hug each other saying "you ok man". Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has started a special task force to address the problem. He told Hotwire earlier "we won't let this vulnerable group of London down, and have taken measures to support them. We've got a people checking in by Skype and having vanilla decaf soy lattes with them, and deliveries of beard creams have been dispatched to households containing hipsters across the city".

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