• Ryan McRostie

Grandmother Playing Chinese Whispers Says "Life Sucks, Pass it on"!

Chinese whispers has long been a game great for messing with kids heads.

A young girl has received a lesson on life during a game of Chinese whispers with her Grandmother. "I like to drop little hints at life's harsh reality through the medium of play", said Enid Grey, "life's a bitch, and she needs to know that"!

Many grandparents are choosing not to play into the age-old tradition of looking at life with rose-tinted glasses. "Grandma is reminding me how hard life is", said Jenny Youngster, "sometimes we play olden days housewife where I have to cook and clean all day".

Other messages said during the game included, "never trust anyone, not even your family", and , "once you're dead, you're dead".

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