• Ryan McRostie

Flashing Light Admits "Life Was Better In The Eighties"!

Flashing lights have come a long way since their heyday of clubbing and orgies in the eighties.

A flashing light that has been part of the nightlife in London for decades says, “nothing will compare to the discos we had back in the day”!

Flashing lights were once the mainstay as a lighting choice in London entertainment venues, but the situation is no more with many forced to work on construction sites to warn people of hazards.

One flashing light told us how he used to work at a nightclub frequented by royalty. It now was placed on top of a portaloo to let people know when it was busy.

“It’s tough”, he told Hotwire News, “one minute your lighting Paris Hilton on coke, the next you’re letting construction workers know someone is taking a crap”!

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