• Ryan McRostie

Easter Bunny Volunteers To Test Vaccine For COVID-19.

After delivering chocolate eggs over Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny has volunteered to be amongst those to undergo testing in a vaccine trial for COVID-19. Vaccine trials are underway around the globe, but volunteers have been in short supply. “I just feel like it’s my duty you know”, said the bunny, “basically I only work one day a year, so if I can help out the human race while I’m in town it’s a no brainer”.

Scientists working on the project said, “it’s great to have any volunteer on board even if he technically isn’t human”. Asked if he wouldn’t mind testing some makeup while he was in the laboratory the rabbit told us, “not a friggin chance in hell! My uncle signed up for that once, and now he can’t go out without it!” A vaccine is expected by early 2021.

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