• Ryan McRostie

Doomed Warrior Wondered If He’d Had His Booster Shot For Tetanus.

Although vaccinations weren't common during the middle ages, many warriors were concerned they hadbn't had them.

A warrior about to be killed by Ghengis Khan's henchman has realised he hadn’t been in for his booster shots.

“They’d surrounded me”, said the fighter “basically I was finished, but then the anxiety kicked in regarding my immunisations”.

A Mongol warrior involved in the slaying of the soldier told us, “You just couldn’t make it up! There he is on death's door, and he’s worried about that. Funny fella”!

“Many ancient warriors worried about stuff that would probably seem quite trivial”, said Doctor Bruce Rogers, an expert in ancient warrior psychology, “I’ve seen a diary entry where one killer was concerned if he had offended someone at work after forgetting to offer a colleagues horse a bag of hay”.

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