• Ryan McRostie

Dads Start Doing Weird Stretches Around The House.

Many Dads have taken to stretching and drinking green tea.

Families around the country are reporting that after an extended time hanging out with each other that Dads have started to do strange new things around the family home. “He’s always doing these strange stretches and wearing really exposing yoga gear,” said one daughter who wished to remain anonymous, “one day I saw him meditating wearing nothing but a towel.

It’s got to stop”! Dads have always been known for their strange behaviour, but the lockdown seems to have brought it to the forefront of families household concerns. “My main gripe is the bike shorts”, said Nadine Jones of Maidstone, “no one needs to see that, not at least my children”!

The government is looking to ease tension in households, and one Minister told Hotwire “we want people to have healthy lifestyles, but the stretching has to stop. As far as Dads are concerned, we’d like them to go back to slouching in the same position as they did before the crisis”. Dads are expected to ignore the advice as they do always.

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