• Ryan McRostie

Cows Branded So Bull Knew Which Ones Had Herpes.

Bulls involved in breeding often pick up STD's.

Cowboys in the Mohave Desert have branded cows so that bulls in the area know which ones have sexually transmitted diseases. "I kind of feel sorry for the bulls because we can't have them using protection", said one of the men, "So that's when we decided we had to do something".

Bulls pick up sexually transmitted disease often during the breeding season, and it keeps the local vets in the area busy. "I can't tell you how many times I've been called out here to put cream on a bull's balls", said Ivan Shoelace the towns local vet, "but this new branding method should make a difference".

Spring Lake the village at the centre of the storm, with one local official telling us, "we really hope this works, and our community can be known for something else other than cow STD's".

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