• Ryan McRostie

Couple Spend Entire Lockdown Accepting Deliveries From Amazon.

Isolation from friends and family has proven difficult for many during the lockdown. But not for the Emily and Jason Clarke of Kent. “We don’t miss family at all actually”, said Emily, “what would be really horrendous would be if something happened to our beloved Amazon”!

Amazon sales are reportedly up 600% during the lockdown. “We’ve bought a lot of stuff, and they make deliveries around five times a day”, said Jason, “if there’s a positive take to come out of all this, then it’s that relationships are pointless and consumption is king. I’ve already deleted my Mum and Dads number”!

With couples like Emily and Jason making all of their purchases, online many are asking what we even need a high street for, in fact, why do we even need other people?

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