• Ryan McRostie

Biker Gets "Live Laugh Love" Tattoo.

Many bikers have been missing hanging out with thier mates.

A biker who started feeling sentimental during the coronavirus crisis has gotten a “live laugh love” tattoo. Many riders associated with outlaw gangs have decided to get the iconic saying inscribed on their bodies. “Bikers have feelings too you know”’ said the head of one biker gang, “we’re finding it particularly tough during the lockdown as we don’t have anyone to beat up”! "Live laugh love", long associated with kitsch art you can display in the home, has been turning up everywhere from billboards to the Pope’s pecs. “I used to cook meth with my mates, and that was our way of bonding”, said one biker, “now I’m stuck at home with the missus baking cakes”! Outlaw gangs have been particularly affected by the lockdown, and people have been asked if they see a biker in distress to phone the national Biker Helpline.

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