• Ryan McRostie

Apes Taught Sign Language Seen Discussing Dangers Of Toxic Masculinity.

Some female apes in the study were attracted to the smaller more introverted male, and resented the attention of the alpha male.

A group of female apes taught sign language have been witnessed discussing the dangers of toxic masculinity. "The experiment was principally to see if the apes could be taught sign language", said the head of the study James Bunsen, "but what we found out about the group in the study was that they were fed up with the patriarchal system the lived-in".

Apes have one of the most male-dominated societies in the animal kingdom with a large male, often known as a silverback at the head. "I'm tired of having the children of that ugly brute", one of the females was witnessed saying, "I'm in love with one of the smaller males Eric"!

Despite the revelation, the zoo has decided to keep keep the group. "We don't want to go messing around with things now, but we will introduce a few more adult males so that they can show off their male privilege by fighting each other to the death for access to the females. The fights will be live-streamed under a licencing deal with the UFC.

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