• Ryan McRostie

Therapy dog states "it's the greatest scam ever"!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020


You just walk around, and they pat you all day", said one dog, "actually I'll rephrase that, they compete to pat you. Also the amount of biscuits I get is ridiculous". It's been called a dream job by some in the animal kingdom and competition to secure positions is fierce. "We used to have three therapy dogs here at the home", said Jess Davies of Alicante Care, "but then there was a knife fight between the residents as to who took them for a walk, so we got a few more". Therapy dogs are often recruited from shelters by therapy dog agents. "The market is dominated by the golden retrievers", said one agent, "the other breeds hate them because of this". Many other breeds are campaigning for equal representation amongst therapy dogs.

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