• Ryan McRostie

People start stockpiling bidets.

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

With the toilet paper rush having run full cycle, it’s now time for the rush on Bidets. “I haven’t seen this in the UK,” said one Bidet installer, “it’s been fantastic for my business”! Morons around the country a stockpiling toilet paper for no apparent reason. “I saw it on Facebook, so we jumped in our SUV and went straight to Asda,” said one woman, “we ran over someone in the car park, but they really shouldn’t be in front of the car like that”! Laurence Tanner from Crazy Consumer, a thinktank specialising in consumer behaviour told Hotwire, “this kind of thing is not unusual to see if there’s a pandemic or new Star Wars movie. My family will be fine because we’ve all installed colostomy bags”.

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