• Ryan McRostie

Student Tells Teacher To “Stop Mansplaining Every Friggin Little Thing”!

The teacher was beleived to be teaching the young girl to write her name at the time of the oppression..

A student from St Mary’s Primary School has pulled up her teacher with regards to teaching style. “He’s always like, do an L like this and write an A like that! I’m over this omnipresent godforsaken patriarchy”!

Male teachers across the country are finding it increasingly difficult to teach any subject at all. “Obviously we’re scumbags, we’re men, and it’s right that I look in the mirror and say fuck you every day”, said Geoffry Potter, the teacher involved in the incident.

“We welcome men into schools”, said Irene Butcher, the Minister for Education, “as long as they know their place next to the cockroaches under the bin”!

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