• Ryan McRostie

Idiots To Be Made To Register With Local Councils.

Some idiots have been reluctant to take part in the scheme.

Two thousand nineteen will see be a year of changes for councils across England and Wales, but no other legislation will be quite as broad sweeping as a new range of measures to deal with idiots.

Under the laws, idiots will be obligated to register with their local council. The names of all the local idiots will be posted on the council's website so that others in the community can check the register when they have an altercation.

Idiots that do not present themselves and have been nominated by their neighbours will be made to wear a badge designating them as such.

“I’m planning to register one guy from down the street”, said Susan Greenwich, “he beeps his horn a lot, and asked for my number apparently in case I needed an emergency dick pic”.

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