• Ryan McRostie

Weird Ponytail Uncle Leaves After Sleeping On The Couch Since Christmas.

Ponytails have become synonymous with weird Uncles.

Christmas at the Leonards was always a happy affair, a festive lunch, presents, and one too many bottles of wine. This year was no different especially with their Uncle Mike visiting from out of town.

“At first we were quite excited”, said Mike's sister Janette Leonard, “but then he stayed for the night and really made himself at home. We knew we were in trouble when he borrowed my dressing gown and started doing yoga in the lounge”.

MIke, who grew a ponytail shortly after having a mid-life crisis told HotWire, "They've all been super friendly as usual, so I thought I would kick back here for a few days. Then they flipped out and got aggressive and asked me to leave. All I did was invite some friends over for a party! We weren't even naked yet"!

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