• Ryan McRostie

Self Immoliating Monk Was Sitting Too Close To Heater.

The monk has admitted smuggling in the heater to the monastary.

A monk who set himself on fire sparking a wave of support from around the world has admitted he was just sitting too close to his heater. “It so gets cold sometimes in the monastery, we have concrete floors and no central heating, so I thought fuck it and got a heater”.

The "smuggled in" fan heater is believed to have set the monks robes ablaze around 2am on Monday morning. A millennial who came to visit the site told how he started a Facebook page and GoFundMe campaign for the monk after hearing of his plight.

“I wanted to raise some money for the monks here, but now I feel like a bit weird coz apparently it was just an accident”.

Monk robes used to be made of natural fibres but have recently changed to wearing more flammable acrylics like polyester as they are easier to care for.

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