• Ryan McRostie

Mercedes Release New Green Emission Model Powered Entirely By Owners Sense Of Self Entitlement.

Mercededes are investing heavily in Self Entitlement technology.

Often accused of lagging behind in the battle to be green Mercedes Benz has introduced a new range of vehicles that produce zero emissions. The new models use the very latest in technological innovation that can harness the energy from the owner's own ego.

“This kind of technology will see Mercedes dominate the green market”, said one analyst. Other environmentally friendly vehicles rely on hybrid engines or battery, both of which have a carbon footprint.

“We’ve known about the hugely expanded egos of our customers for years”, said Marcus Slick from Mercedes, “but how to harness this as a fuel source has been challenging”.

Nasa is looking at using the system for it’s Mars mission, using the energy derived from Kardashians.

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