• Ryan McRostie

Large Group Of Birds Doesn’t Know Who The Hell's In Charge.

Large swarms of birds often make elaborate shapes with no one knowing who actually came up with the idea.

A massive swarm of birds off the coast of Dorset has been stuck in an ongoing formation for five days. Ornithologist Bill Buck, known locally as “bird guy” said, “it seems like not one of them has a bloody clue what they are doing”!

Sparrows are known to be seen in swarms this time of year, but for a formation to last this long is very rare. “I’ve had pops at them with my shotgun, but they just keep on flying around like mad”, said one resident between firing.

Sparrow swarming is believed to take place to hinder birds of prey, but others think it is part of a plot for the birds to take over the world.

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