• Ryan McRostie

1 in 3 Dads Goes Feral.

With many men having more free time than at any other time in their lives, the predicament has had a surprising effect on some fathers. "He first started with small stuff, not washing, eating with his hands," said Barbera Toovey, "but then dead animals he had killed started turning up in the house". Barbera, whos husband Tom, a real estate agent from Stoke, went into the isolation as a perfectly normal father of three, has now progressed to the stage of drinking animal blood, and starting wars with his neighbours.

The family thought Tom was dressing up to entertain them at first but then things changed. "Daddy doesn't talk any more", said Sandy Toovey 5, "he just grunts and sometimes uses my toys to start a fire outside". Although things are different since the crisis it hasn't been all bad according to Barbera, "he's a much more, how you say, forceful lover and often drags me by the hair from the kitchen to the bedroom". With no end in sight for the lockdown, it's expected ninety per cent of men will be feral by the year's end.

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